New York Bookseller T-Shirt: Official 'BookWars' feature film T-Shirt - a Rare item, Newly Re-issued!

New York Bookseller movie, 'BookWars' - Original Tshirt reissue available now!

The original and iconic New York independent bookseller T-Shirt which accompanied the release of the award winning feature documentary, 'BookWars', has been re-issued starting the Summer of 2021.

Support your local neighborhood bookseller, whether in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, or beyond, with the striking and memorable 'BookWars' movie T-Shirt, featuring Al 'Mappo' Geldman and his famous Philly Blunt stogie.

While the original 'BookWars' New York bookseller Tshirt was issued in basic white on black only, the re-issued bookseller T-Shirt is now available in many more sizes and colors than originally available.

See 'BookWars' on Amazon Prime Video and other platforms - then get your very own piece of independent bookseller and indie cinema history with the pioneering and stylish New York bookseller shirt: seldom seen since the film's original release over two decades ago.

Vintage style New York bookseller merch in the form of an authentic New York bookseller T-shirt...great for independent cinema fans, bibliophines, bookworms, bookfreaks, and everything in between!

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