Award Winning Bookseller Documentary: 'BookWars'

Award winning New York bookseller documentary on the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan and beyond!

a Film by Jason Rosette



- New York Film Critics Circle

'Abounds in fascinating detail'

- The New Yorker

New York booksellers documentary, 'BookWars' - watch now on Amazon Prime Video

'Superb...mesmerizing' - NY Film Critics Circle

'a slice of true life' - The New York Times

'Terrific' - Los Angeles Times

'Abounds in fascinating detail' - The New Yorker

'Utterly Compelling' - Jacksonville Film Journal

BOOKWARS is a New York documentary which won the best documentary award at the 2000 New York Underground film festival

Bookseller documentary 'BookWars': a WINNER at the New York Underground Film Festival

IFP Gotham Award Nominee
As seen on Arte/ZDF, SVT, NHK, Bravo!, Metrochannels, Cinemapop, PBS, and others
Multiple Major Domestic and International Festival Selections!

The New York bookseller documentary, 'Bookwars' Directed by Jason Rosette by Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Film Critics Circle

"In BookWars, a superb nonfiction film by first-time feature director Jason Rosette, books are more than sources of knowledge. They are merchandise that’s appraised, bought and sold. They’re also artifacts, sometimes clean and intact but more often damaged, whose condition at the point of sale says plenty about the conscientiousness of the seller. Most of all, they’re an addictive substance." [Read this complete review about the bookseller movie, 'BookWars']

(from Wikipedia) The New York bookseller documentary BookWars is an independent film by Jason Rosette (produced by Camerado Media) about the life and times of New York City street booksellers.

Made on an ultra-low budget in a jazzy, impressionistic style reminiscent of the films of Robert Frank and poetry of the Beat Generation, BookWars is notable as the only first-person documentary made during then-New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's controversial "Quality of Life" campaign, which sought to limit and control individuals engaged in informal economic activities on the streets of New York City.[Read More]

New York bookseller movie, 'BookWars': Street bookseller Pete shows off his cash in the bookseller movie 'BookWars'
New York bookseller movie, 'BookWars': Zach prices a book in the New York bookseller documentary film, 'BookWars'
New York bookseller movie, 'BookWars': Marvin hunts for books and magazines in lower Manhattan on a cold winter day
New York bookseller movie, 'BookWars': Marv sells books on 6th avenue, as seen in the award winning motion picture, 'BookWars'
New York booksellers documentary, 'BookWars': Filmmaker Jason Rosette whooting scenes from the feature documentary, 'BookWars', in Manhattan, New York City
New York bookseller movie, 'BookWars': Reading Nietzsche at a sidewalk bookstand in Manhattan, from the New York bookseller documentary 'BookWars'

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'10,000 Miles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey' is an Audiobook about the filmmaking process by filmmaker Jason Rosette